They grow up so fast...

Welcoming your new baby into the world is one of the most emotional and incredible times in your life, we want to capture those feelings for you and document them for you to hold on to forever.

We think that's the amazing thing about photography; it has the power to transport you back to those incredible moments, to bring back the emotions we experience at a particular moment in our lives.

These pictures will be some of your most treasured possessions. We will ensure that the pictures we capture are taken in a very safe, warm and comfortable environment for you and your baby and the whole experience is one you will remember fondly.

In our opinion, every stage in your children's lives should be celebrated & captured; but photographing newborn babies is something truly special.

We aim to create beautiful, soft & timeless images using natural tones & textures that best compliment your babies.

The ideal time to photograph newborns is between 7 and 14 days old; so please book your session as soon as you know your due date. We will make a provisional booking for 10 days after your due date and we can adjust this if your baby is early or late.

Newborn photography is a very specialised genre of photography and you only have one chance to get it right. Trust us with your new baby and your first family memories..



Celebrating the wonder of parenthood...



When is the best time TO PHOTOGRAPH MY baby? 

The best time to photograph newborns is between 7 and 21 days. You will need to book in your session well in advance so give us a call as soon as you know your due date. We will make a provisional booking for 10-21 days after your due date and we can amend it if your baby is early or late. Because newborn sessions can take up to four hours we only book them Monday to Friday and all newborn sessions start at 10am. We only ever book in one newborn session a day so there is no rushing your baby.

Do you work on weekends?

Unfortunately no, all of our newborn sessions are booked Monday to Friday.

How much does it cost?

There is a session fee of £250. This covers our time and expertise and includes mum’s make-up and hair styling on the day. You are mostly paying for a wonderful experience that you will remember forever, it is such a special time in your life and we want to capture that for you. 

You will order the photo’s that you love at a separate ordering session. Please refer to the investment page for more details or contact us and request a pricing guide. 

Do you have experience photographing newborn babies safely?

This is an excellent question and one that does not get asked enough. A typical newborn session can last up to four hours and your baby will be with us for most of that time. We have been photographing newborn babies for over six years (over 550 babies and counting!) and have been trained to handle and pose them safely. We practice safe posing techniques and put the comfort and safety of your baby first. For more information on safety within the newborn photography industry please visit the BANPAS website.

Will flash photography harm my baby?

Absolutely not, I have never witnessed a baby react to the flash, asleep or awake. The light that is emitted from my studio equipment is no brighter than that which comes through your window at home on a bright overcast day.

Do I need to bring any props or accessories to my newborn session?

There is no need to as we have an Aladin's cave of beautiful props and accessories. However, if you have something special that you would like us to include in your pictures, please feel free to bring it along.
We have a selection of outfits, fabrics and accessories that we can use to style your session. Once you have booked your session we will send you a guide on what to bring to your session.

Is it possible for my partner and other children to be included in the session?

Of course! having a new baby is an exciting time for everyone in the family and we would love to document that for you. For extended family members please bear in mind that our studio is nice and cosy and we limit our sessions to 6.

When will I see the images that are taken?

We will schedule an ordering session roughly 1 week after your session. This is when you will choose and order your photographs. You will be taking your beautiful prints and digital copies (on a usb) home with you on the day of your ordering session.

Can I buy just the digital Files?

All of our collections include both the printed and digital copies of the photographs you choose in your collection. The digital files cannot be bought separately. We believe that the professional pictures that we are going to create for you deserve to be displayed using only the best quality professional products. Printed photographs are the only sure way to archive our beautiful memories.

How many pictures do you take?

On the day of your session we will photograph your baby in different outfits and poses. You will then see 20 beautifully edited and printed photographs at your ordering session.

Where is your studio based?

Our studio is based in Finchley, North London, N3 3QE. It is conveniently located for public transport with Finchley Central tube station located just a 10 minutes walk away. There is parking available for those who are driving.

The studio is in Stephens House a beautiful grade two listed Victorian Mansion situated in beautiful and extensive landscaped gardens. 

Is there a minimum spend requirement when it comes to ordering my photos?

There are different collections for different budgets, our entry level collection starts at £800. Please contact us for a full pricing guide that list our different collections and add on products.

Our clients typically spend between £1200 and £3000 on their photos and other beautiful products such as wall portraits and beautiful hand crafted albums. 

There is never any obligation to purchase a package from us and there is definitely no pressure sales environment, the photo’s of your beautiful baby sell themselves.

You have the option to buy individual prints (including the digital file) that are priced at £150 each.

How do I book my session?

You will need to arrange your session directly with us, sessions are booked according to our diary availability. Please send us an enquiry form and we will get back to you with some options. Please include your estimated due date. Otherwise feel free to call us to discuss your session and get you booked into our diary.